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Are you looking to advance your career in the security industry? One of the first steps to becoming a security professional is obtaining the appropriate licenses. At SecuriGuard, we want to make the process of getting licensed as easy and straightforward as possible.

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How it works

At GuardHunt, we strive to make the process of obtaining your security license as simple and straightforward as possible. 

Explore License Options

Browse through our comprehensive list of license options, including unarmed, armed, and concealed licenses. Each license has its own requirements and regulations, so be sure to read up on each one before making a decision.

Choose Your Program

Once you've decided which license you want to pursue, browse through our list of recommended training programs. We only partner with the best service providers around to ensure that you receive high-quality training and education.

Get Your License!

Ready to take your security career to the next level? After completing your comprehensive training program, it's time to obtain your license! We'll be with you every step of the way, from guiding you through the application process to ensuring you get your license quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose GuardHunt

We only partner with the best licensing providers in the industry to ensure that you receive the highest quality education and training.

Our curated list of providers makes it easy to choose the provider that best fits your needs.

We are committed to supporting your career growth in the security industry and want to help you succeed.

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